Economical and non-pollute system for artificial rainmaking by laser pulse in a way of natural phenomena

  1. Shivshankar K. Chopkar, Sunil M. Sonbawne, Aniket B.Dhone, Parjanya Chopkar
  2. Atmospheric Rainmaking Research Society
  3. Chandrapur, Chimur-442903, India
  4. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune-411008, India
  5., website :, (M) 09420445108


It is well known that after lightning; the precipitation formed and heavy rain occurs due to dissociation, ionization and natural seeding process by lightning phenomena in the atmosphere. It is shown in this paper; these natural phenomena will be used for artificial rain making by laser pulse in the atmosphere. As per our calculations, 2.2 x 1019gm of water drops are formed in the atmosphere by laser pulse energy 500 mJ; it is very cheap. These systems are economical, non-polluted and trigger only natural process for artificial rainmaking, which will be also used as extra fertilizer for crops. No doubt, it is most useful for human being. In our system, laser pulse creates high temperature up to 3000oC at high temperature, and bonds of major species of N2 and O2 break out into excite [N] and excite [O]. These excited atoms are very unstable and immediately react to form NO and O3. These reaction are endothermic and absorbs a large amount of heat from surrounding atmospheric clouds where the condensation take place (condensation is the basic needs for formation of water drops). Simultaneously N2 and O2 will be ionized to form N2+; O2+ and O2-. These precursor ions will undergo several reactions and become big-clustered ions. These big ions will act as seed, which will lead to precipitation and rain. Low temperature created by dissociation will further help grow bigger ions fast as produce CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) to form water drops occur rainfall. These rain drops act as natural seeding process due to flow of air in the upper atmosphere to formed another sets of raindrops, result into more rainfall. These natural phenomena proved by theoretically and practically in laboratory scale. Now experimental work is necessary to determine the characteristics of laser system and atmospheric parameters to be use for actual artificial rainmaking in the atmosphere.

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