“An Innovative Rainmaking Technology using Laser system to form raindrops acting as the natural seeding process due to initiation of Endothermic Reactions,for rain enhancement”.

  1. Shivshankar K. Chopkar, D.K. Chakrabarty, Rajesh Iyengar. “Innovative Rainmaking Research Association, India”. Sevagram, Dhanvantri Nagar-30, Warud, Dist-Wardha- 442102,Maharashtra, India. E-irra.scientistgroup@gmail.com, skchopkar@irraindia.org, skc.arr@rediffmail.com, Website -http://www.irraindia.org, (M) +91-9420445108

ABSTRACT: In the atmosphere, after lightning, precipitation is formed and heavy rainfall occurs. This is a well-known process. This natural lighting phenomenon has been practically demonstrated in the laboratory cloud chamber, as “Laserinduced condensation & water drops formation” and “Water drops formation by each and every laser shots in the cloud chamber”. In this process, lightning/laser creates high temperature which breaks the bonds of N2 and O2 to form excited N* and excited O*. Total heat energy of lightning/laser is completely utilized for breaking the bonds of N2 and O2 (Chopkar, 1993). These excited N* and excited O* move to new place by wind and undergo reactions to form NO and O3 which are endothermic reactions. Heat energy required for these reactions are taken from the surrounding atmospheric clouds. As a result of these reactions, temperature falls, condensation takes place, rain drops form,These raindrops act as natural seeding process,to form another sets of rain drops, seeds are created and rain occurs in analogous way similar to rains created in nature by lightning. In this process, white clouds convert into black rainy clouds for rainmaking in the atmosphere. This process has been practically proved in the laboratory as “Production of ozone and nitrogen oxides by laser filamentation”. It is believed that “Laser photons photodissociate atmospheric compounds N2 and O2 form ozone (O3) and nitrogen molecules (NO). “Increase of O3 and NO concentration after lightning has also been experimentally observed”. This lightning phenomenon created through artificial lightning by plasma laser pulse or laser system can produce rain in the atmosphere has been practically proved as “Laser-induced water condensation in air”. Scientists have succeeded in obtaining raindrops from an altitude of 75m of the atmosphere by terawatt mobile laser. “IRRA Scientist Group propose laser system of specification: 1012watt, 800nm, 500mJ, 120fs and 10Hz for this research project”.