I am the founder of IRRA Scientists Group and we are working for the last 32 years on “Novel technology for artificial rainmaking”. The members of the IRRA Scientist group sincerely and heartily thank VDGOOD Technology Organization Chennai, India for honoring us with the "International Scientist Award 2019".
The IRRA Scientist Group has proposed a “Novel technology for artificial rainmaking using high power Laser system initiating endothermic reactions similar to natural lightning phenomena through Aircrafts on a large scale in the atmosphere”, which has been practically proved in Laboratory Scale as well as in the atmospheric level up to 75m altitude. The team proposes to answer anybody's query regarding this process through personal contact or meeting. Our novel technology is awarded with International Publication Patent No:-WO/2008/062441 and Revised International Patent Application No.PCT/IN2017/000105. Apart from this, the team has also acquired Indian Patent bearing Number: – 238000 and Revised Indian Patent File Number 201721008920. Needless to say that many research papers have been published in national and international Journals e.g. “The International Journal of Meteorology, Volume 35 & No. 355 on November 2010 (". Our aim is “Green revolution in the whole world for all human being". This is Gift of God for us. For more details, a Google search by title “Artificial rainmaking by endothermic reactions” or web site shall serve the query of all. Our academy is interested to further develop this technique for green revolution in the whole world for the benefit of all human races.
If any organization elicits an interest in this project, then IRRA group shall be happy to work with them. If our findings could be used to help scientists and engineers create a new alternative method for artificial rainmaking, the resulting techniques could be of inestimable value. This project definitely has a scientific base with a novelty value and has been practically proved on laboratory cloud chamber and as well as on atmospheric level. The IRRA Scientists Group hail from humble and poor peasant families and have always encountered a dry climate with water scarcity. Our life is dedicated to bringing this innovative technique to the international fora by bringing a green revolution in the globe. Your help shall be of utmost importance for the humankind.

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