1) We all know that after lightning the process of precipitation is scientifically formed which induces heavy rainfall in the atmosphere.

2) In the experiment that was conducted in the Laboratory the results have conclusively proved that high power laser in fact, induces condensation and water droplets are formed in each laser shots in the laboratory cloud chamber. This proves that only the endothermic reactions are responsible for the condensation and the resultant droplet formations.

3) NO and O3 are formed due to high powered laser system which is responsible for endothermic reaction which prompts condensation.

4) It has been proved beyond doubt that laser assisted water condensation in the atmosphere is a scientific reality.

5) It is confirmed in the laboratory cloud chamber that small droplets of water is formed. But in the broad atmospheric level due to acceleration and turbulence, these small size water drops come together and form big rain drops. These rain drops act as a natural seeding process to form successive sets of rain drops triggering a chain reaction with heavy downpour in the atmosphere.

6) This rainmaking Laser technology can be used for artificial rainmaking in a large scale by Terawatt Mobile Laser System through Aircraft in the atmosphere.

7) Many researchers from foreign countries such as United States, Germany etc. are working on this project by using this technology and reaping positive results from research project work. The said research project is most significant and effective for the entire human race. We are optimistic that all the countries across the globe should include this project under their research and development scheme for ushering into a green revolution.

For this exclusive purpose only we have formed International Rainmaking Research Academy (IRRA) Scientists Group to disseminate the technical know-how to the world. We solicit your cooperation for the same.