Artificial rainmaking system in a way of natural phenomenon

  1. Shivshankar K. Chopkar, D.K. Chakrabarty
  2. Artificial Rainmaking Research Society
  3. Chimur, Dist.Chandrpur (M.S.), India.
  4. Shri Sant Gajanan Invention and Research Center
  5. Shegaon, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.), India
  6., website :, (M) 09420445108


After lightning, precipitation formed, these lightning phenomena occur in the atmosphere by high power laser pulse. After striking the laser pulse, condensation and water drop formation take place in the atmosphere. It is well known that, for water drop formation, condensation must occurred (condensation is the basic need for water drops formation).Condensation means, heat energy subtraction. Heat energy subtraction take place by only endothermic reaction in the atmosphere. Recently M. Petrarca et al and ther scientist also proved that, condensation in air could be induced by laser pulse. NO and ozone found after inducing laser pulse is evidence of endothermic reaction. Lightning or laser shot creates high temp breaking bonds of Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2) to formed excited N* and O* consequently NO & Ozone formation. At that time endothermic process starts. In these endothermic reactions heat energy get absorbed from surrounding atmospheric water vapor, catalyzing condensation and water drop formation by dissociation in the atmosphere. Also other processes responsible for condensation and water drop formation are dissociation, ionization and natural seeding process creates (CCN) which may be useful for Artificial Rainmaking in the atmosphere.

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