International Rainmaking Research Association (IRRA), Wardha (M.S) India has declared Artificial Rainmaking Research award for Novel Technology from this year. The scientist who is working in the field “Artificial Rainmaking by Endothermic reaction” and who has published his research paper in a reputed international journal in the current year is eligible for this award. He has to submit his application to IRRA Association, Dhanwantari nagar Warud, Sewagram road Wardha-442102 (M.S), India.

Submission date : From 17/03/2019 to 07/06/2019
Date of declaration of award: 15 August 2019

Dr.S.K.Chopkar(Founder & President of IRRA Association, Wardha) has deposited 16Lakh Rupees as a fixed deposit(F.D) in the bank and the annual interest of that amount will be given along with that award to that selected person every year.

If anybody is interested in the award specified above, that person has to deposit some amount in the bank account of IRRA Association, Wardha as fixed deposit(F.D). And the interest of the total amount will be awarded to the selected person every year.

This is to motivate the interest of scientists in the Novel technology.

With best regards,

IRRA Association.
Dhanwantari nagar Warud, Sewagram road
Wardha-442102, (M.S), India.
Mobile No.+91 9420445108,
Email : skc.arr@rediffmail.com